A NanoSpreader™ is a patented copper encased two-phase vapor chamber into which pure water is vacuum sealed. The liquid is absorbed by a copper-mesh wick and passed as vapor through a micro-perforated copper sheet where it condenses and returns as liquid to the wick.

NanoSpreaders™ are half the weight of solid copper, yet can transfer heat at roughly ten times the rate (thermal conductivity). When used as part of an overall cooling solution, the ultra thin and flat NanoSpreaders™ improve cooling efficiency over heat pipe solutions by providing a more direct path through which heat can be moved.

The diagrams below show how a reduction in thermal resistance is achieved through the use of a NanoSpreader™ by minimizing the thermal resistance from the device to the fins. This reduction can be significant, as much as 30% in some designs.

A comparison of the two designs shows how a cooling solution is improved through the use of NanoSpreader™ technology. In this configuration the thermal resistance from the device to the cooling surface, heat sink, is reduced by minimizing or eliminating conduction and interfaces in this path.

The result is an overall thermal resistance that is reduced by nearly 30%